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RSL Tech RSLTech.com is a website for my business, RSL Tech, LLC, which currently is only an information resource and communication tool at this time, but who knows what the future may bring. This site includes a flash based intro, php contact page, and contains a Wordpress blog.
Roanoke Valley Youth Soccer Association RVYSA.org is a product of donated time to this non-profit organization. This site includes a dynamic flash header, php contact page, custom content management system, and a lightbox based photo gallery. Through a custom administration page a moderator can add/change content to the news feed, add/change events in a dynamic game schedule, and upload pictures that are automatically formatted and watermarked.
A Frayed Knot AFrayedKnot.net like the rest of my projects is custom designed from the ground up. This site includes an exstensive control panel that allows the site owner to easily update many parts of the site including the welcome message, articles, gallery photos, classes with photos, and a complete ecommerce solution using paypal shopping cart. Classes and events are automatically populated into a dynamic calendar. This site also includes a contact memory that saves contacts in a database when they fill out the contact form that sends an email to the site owners.
MSAT Electronics MSATElectronics.com is a basic informational site with an advanced contact us page. When a customer inquires about MSAT Electronics they are notified via email like any other contact page, but the customer's info is stored in an online database so they can be included in future communications from the company. In the restricted area there is a MySql database driven calendar complete with admin control panel and a submission form that bridges from the internet to a local Microsoft Access database in the company's main office.
DME Construction DMEConstr.com is a basic informational site with a updateable photo gallery. The owner of the site is able to login to a small control panel that supports uploading, naming, arranging, and deleting the photos in a simple yet effective gallery. When he uploads a photo it is automatically resized, thumbnailed, watermarked, and inserted into the gallery.
Harhartasty.com | Delicious lee funny!!1 I am co-owner and only web designer for harhartasty.com which is a media rich entertainment site. Created with PHP, SQL, CSS, XHTML, and Javascript. Includes integration with PHPBB forum software for a smooth login experience. Uses the PHP GD library to dynamically edit images as they are uploaded from users. Supports uploading of both images and video. Dynamically displays both images and videos using server-side scripting. Dynamically changes META information for search engine optimization.
Lakegastongal.com Lakegastongal.com is a simple informational web site. It includes integration with a local system for real estate listings and a simple contact form that sends an automated email to the owner when information has been submitted.
Beeboss - Online Yardsale Beeboss.com is an online multi-user store made with PHP, SQL, XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. Includes dynamic processing of records from an SQL database with search, sort, and filter features for viewing records. Dynamically linked products open a paypal shopping cart for payment. Site features include personal control panels for various user's settings and database record management, an overall administration control panel with abilities for invoicing, user management, and database record management. Dynamic emailing ability has been provided to customer's emailing users on the site for information about their product and also a mass email system is integrated into the administration panel for invoicing. Aside from the top navigation all graphics were supplied by the client.
bootleg's CSS creator I created bootleg's CSS creator to automate the creation advanced code to quickly create complex color schemes for web sites. This page uses PHP for back end processing, Javascript for client side interactivity, and XHTML/CSS for layout and color scheme.
2do list The 2do list is the first of many small web applications I will be creating to provide services to members of the bootleg online community. This page uses PHP for back end and interfaces with a MySQL database for user authentication and storage.
More examples Coming Soon...
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